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treble and tremble

Tonight, Dutch Kills is playing a show with a great line-up at The Delancey. You know I love this band. They play at 9.

Also on the bill are Kid Casanova and Bona Roba (and a ton of other bands because someone felt like booking six bands in one night). Kid Casanova has a v. cute lead singer (at my old apartment we had a picture of him on our fridge) and a song called Radio in which they don't rhyme radio with lady-o. Neato. And you know why I like Bona Roba. We'll just leave it at that.

Dutch Kills - Planes
Dutch Kills - Girlfriend

Before this show, however, you should go see my friend Maggie rock her solo acoustic hotness at Cafe Mae Mae. Maggie is the lead singer of the band Daybreaker and has a really powerful set of vocal chords that will blow you away. Here is the info for that show (and it's free!)

Maggie Poulos
Friday, March 4, 2005
Cafe Mae Mae
68 Vandam St Btwn Hudson and Varick
7:00 PM

Last night at Atomique was fun, as always. There was sneaky champagne involved, giant Kasabian posters everywhere, and I discovered that I have a really depressing reaction to hearing Earlimart songs now. I mean the songs were sad enough already...

Then we went to Lit, and then everyone left Lit WITHOUT NORA. But they don't remember doing so, so I guess this is ok. I hope I see familiar faces out tonight. I miss you.

going to SXSW? two things that will be helpful: