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I've been listening to Louis XIV all day long (okay Louis XIV and Pilot to Gunner, but whatever). This song is pretty sexy. Sexy music. you can also hear sexy music at Atomique, which is where I may go tonight and drink a bottle of champagne with Jocelyn and inevitably do something retarded/silly/whathaveyou.

My boss gave me a wine bottle opener today. As in it was just sitting on my desk when I got to work. Is that some kind of hint? It looks like a nice bottle opener anyways, and will probably come in handy.

Alright, I'm done now. Sorry if I have been boring this week. There's a great show happening on Friday night though. It's such a good show, I would make out with it. OR maybe I already did.

I think I need a nap. More on this and other news later...

treble and tremble

morning theft tour dates! go go go.