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I have to admit, I have been pretty "tame" as far as going out and getting really drunk and partying is concerned the past month or so. You can chalk it up to a variety of different reasons, financial, personal, preoccupations with other things... and so on and so forth. But now with the boy holed up cramming for his finals and myself gainfully employed once more, this weekend was shaping up to be a no holes barred debaucherous mess of the best kind.

And so it was.

Darling Nikki came to visit from Boston and we commenced antics at Luna Lounge for the Morning Theft / GoStation double header. The shows were great, the room was packed, but I've written enough about both of these bands that you know it comes with the territory. I will say, however, that The GoStation delivered perhaps the best performance of their song "Next In Line" that I have ever seen, and considering how many times I have seen this band and what a powerhouse that song is to begin with, I think that is saying a lot. When the show was over, the drinking quadrupled and when we made it to The Skinny I simultaneously declared myself drunk and that Pat was my favorite member of Morning Theft (it's true! Pat rules. He even has a retirement plan, he told me all about it tonight).

Five hundred drinks (sort of rough estimate) later, Pianos tried to charge us to get upstairs and we said No and went up anyways (actually they were only charging guys, and only charging a dollar, but it's the principle of the thing really...), I charged drinks to my credit card but at least it wasn't 10 jaeger shots like that OTHER time, and then even though we tried to avoid it, we ended up at the Darkroom.

I didn't know what was going on. Oh, alright, I RARELY know what is going on. But it was fun and everyone loves fun. We went to Alligator Lounge, Jocelyn changed a tire in a mini skirt, and I passed out in all my clothing, shoes, and coat, on my couch safe and sound and then woke up massively hungover. Went and met up with Alan to eat a stupid amount of bacon and drink beaucoup de coffee. Nikki came over and we went to North Six to see a REALLY bad band that Michael Stellastarr recommended to us.

I was sure they would be good, this band that I vaguely remember the name of, but they weren't. They sucked. Maybe it was because they had to play in the basement next to the bathrooms, but they still weren't very good. We were bummed so we drank a lot. Then Arthur announced that there was kareoke going on nextdoor at Galapagos. The next thing you know, Matt and I are on stage massacring "Take On Me" and then Arthur is bringing the house down with a rendition of "China Girl." I love Arthur. For some reason everyone else at this kareoke night was actually a professional broadway singer (well ok not REALLY but they should have been). It was fun to hear the good singers once and be impressed, but they just kept going up OVER and OVER again, acting all serious and singing Fiona Apple songs. Then they stopped serving alcohol and we went home and four hours later I went to work and ate doritos for breakfast and that was my weekend... pretty much.

mmm cookie

tres catchy - phoenix @ bowery ballroom