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it gets HOTTER (literally too) : coachella day 2

At the beginning of our second day @ Coachella, it was hard to fathom that it was going to be HOTTER out than the day before. But oh... oh it was. We started off, after getting to the grounds early and taking much needed naps in the shade, seeing Pretty Girls Make Graves.

I saw them a long time ago open for Sleater Kinney, and while I like their sound still, everything sounded the same today. And the lead singer said something about the duct tape on their gear melting. Everyone in the crowd seemed pretty dead to, hungover from Saturday nights debauchery and wilting in the midday sun. While the rest of our group went to go relax after their set was done, Greg and I stuck around for !!! (do they have a webpage? because if you type that in on google you don't get anything at all) and I am so glad that they did. Somehow this band managed to bring out some inner energy in me that I didn't even know that I had and soon enough we were dancing around to their kickass songs.

Now everywhere I go people are always talking about Diego from Elefant. And apparently he's everywhere I usually go. But of course Nora is either brain damaged from social drinking or just oblivious to some things, because I had NO IDEA what he looked like. And boy do I know now... as Jocelyn can attest to I was jaw-droppingly blown away by his hottness and um.. really obvious ego-centrism. But whatever. Hot is hot and Elefant was hot and the crowd in California was completely insane for them and their all-in-white outfitted frontman. It's too bad all my pictures came out so super crappy... but "Tonight We'll Dance" is a great song, so whatever. Here, Diego shows an emotion!

Obviously, Nora bolted out of Elefant because Muse was up next and if you know me I have been dying to see Muse ever since Absolution had the highest number of plays on my Itunes EVER. And Muse didn't disappoint AT ALL, and from what I hear their performance at Coachella was much better than their showing at Bowery last month. The only thing that I'm pissed about is that I left early to go see the Killers, and I missed hearing "Apocalypse Please" while the Killers went on 15 minutes late. That sucked.

BUT The Killers owned! Despite going on so late, and some early sound problems, I had nothing but fun during their set. My only confusion here was the bringing on of a full gospel choir during the last.. MINUTE... of their final song... and then you couldn't even hear what the chorus was singing? Yeah.. someone screwed that up big time.

After this I downed some kind of delicious smoothie and then we raced to see Cooper Temple Clause, who were SO GOOD. I know I am saying that everyone was wicked good, but it's TRUE! I mean honestly, no one sucked. If you are waiting for me to say that someone sucked, it's just not going to happen. Anyways, Cooper Temple Clause were intense, and Jocelyn and I called our GoStation friends back in NYC to let them in on all the fun we were having. Once again Nora couldn't take a single good picture in the Mojave Tent (or Mojave Oven)...

Cooper Temple Clause also wins my award for best hair. So best, even.
For the next couple of hours I ran around seeing Bright Eyes and Air, who were both very good, even if their music isn't something I'm super duper into.

Who I AM super duper into is BRMC, and this was perhaps the most disappointing part of my whole weekend. The Outdoor Theatre had so many sound problems and complications that nothing seemed to go right for BRMC. They only managed to play two full songs and then had to do the rest of their set acoustic, including Love Burns which they didn't play when I saw them at Roseland. I felt bad for them, it has to be so frustrating to come to such a great event as Coachella and then not really get to play at all. The good thing about this was that I finally got to meet up with Nicole and hang out with her for a while. The girl and I had been at almost ALL of the same shows and never ran into eachother because there were just too many people there!

Luckily this was all followed by amazing performances by The Flaming Lips and their lead singer in a plastic hampster ball crowd surfing... even though then they only did four songs and got way too political on us in the meantime. Basement Jaxx were OUT OF CONTROL. So much energy and you could tell how much fun THEY were having on stage, and that kind of thing is infectious. I love love love them, even more so than I did when I worked for them back in college. Finally we all gathered to see The Cure, at which point all of us were so exhausted that we ended up curled up on the ground. I could hardly keep my eyes open for most of their set -- and the sound problems they were having didn't really help either -- but their encore was amazing and I managed to get up and dance around in my sleepy stupor just the same.

So that was it! We dragged ourselves back to the car in a sea of people and I passed out. But we survived the weekend in the desert and I still can't believe that I saw so many amazing bands in such a short period of time. I love you Coachella.

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