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better late than never

Well, since my readership has at least doubled in the span of a single day (thanks Greg!), I figured this would be a good time to write about my weekend... or what I can actually remember from my weekend. First off, Jocelyn (my future ex-wife) and I went to see Troy. Despite some of the worst writing I have ever heard, and Orlando Bloom evoking more laughter from the audience than there really should have been, this move was filled with loincloth hottness. And while Brad and Orlando were running around topless and acting badly, I fell in lusting with Eric Bana. Oh Eric Bana, where have you been all my life? You saved the show, seriously. I might even have to go rent The Hulk now. Well... maybe not.

After the movie, we move right on along to Saturday where we went to see The GoStation and Surefire play at Tiswas. After Danielle and I had dinner, we ended up running through the torrential downpour to Don Hills for the show. It says a great thing about both of these bands that, despite the horrendous weather, by the time Surefire took the stage the place was full of people, including two members of Stellastarr*. And of course neither band disappointed, both playing solid sets that got their crowd of fans whipped into a happy frenzy. And trust me, as the "mailing list girl" of the evening (this is going on my resume), half the people I talked to were already GoStation devotees and the other half were excited new converts. These boys are really on their way!

Finally I rescued Danielle who had gotten lost in the basement of Don Hills (which I didn't know they actually had but whatever). After Doug GoStation told me a great joke about bulls testicles (it was really funny... even though that sounds REALLY weird), we rushed off to Misshapes, where we danced to two songs and then realized HEY, we're really drunk and really tired! And so we went.... to Lit.

Yeah, that doesn't make any sense. But it was a fun weekend just the same.

thanks to the lovely rockstarhelper for the GoStation photo!


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