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two is better than one anyways

I was recognized last night because of my weblog, by one of the members of the amazing Other Passengers. It was kind of strange to have someone approach me at a bar and say "Excuse me, you have a weblog right?" but also kind of cool. At least I know someone is reading!

Lit has a great open bar from 11-midnight on Tuesdays with my favorite bartender Miss Lola Belle. We partook, and it was good. Met up with Matt GoStation and was introduced to his friend James who is in a band called The Volunteers and lives in my neighborhood, so he's automatically super cool. We made our way over to Niagara after Matt entrusted me with his ATM card (a risky thing to do with a girl who is absolutely flat broke), and then beer was spilled all over me numerous times and I developed a routine of ordering drinks for the DJ who obviously needed TWO vodka tonics instead of one at a time, and then downed the one for myself. Niagara was actually crowded for a Tuesday and people... HIPSTERS... were actually dancing. Lots of fun, and I got a six pack of budweiser at the end of the night.

When I looked in my purse this morning I found that I had acquired a Volunteers CD (thanks James), another Madison Strays EP (because my first one was bah-roken), and a CD by a band called The New Years, which is titled "Sex, Then Breakfast (Scene Politics and Revenge Songs)." I have NO IDEA where this CD came from, but sex before breakfast is always good so... we'll see?

Now back to packing, and dinner at Union Picnic (mmm fried chicken).

thursday night antics

it won't get cancelled at least, it's free!