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going to SXSW? two things that will be helpful:

my friend and partner in djing, Peter, sent me an email about this SXSW text messaging thing he is doing through Spin. At Coachella last year they did the same thing, but there was zero reception in the desert and all the messages were backed up for hours and hours so it wasn't helpful.

HOWEVER, Peter promises it won't be like that this year. just 2-4 messages a day. so you can get all yer cool SXSW info and you're also entered to win VIP entry to the Spin party, which has a SICK SICK RETARDED OH MY FUCKING GOD AWESOME line up this year, and you'll get other exclusive info on all the cool parties not listed on the schedule. you like cool parties, right?? duh. all brought to you by awesome Peter (and the magazine he works for)

to sign up, text SXSW to the number 68423. and you get a conversation. and then you get wasted and have a great time. the end.

OH, and here are a BILLION mp3s of all the artists playing this year. yowza!

walkin like a demon

treble and tremble