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sxsw = overwhelming

i think last friday alone i rsvped to some 20+ parties featuring tons of great bands, free food and booze. how is a girl expected to keep this all straight?

i was talking to rachael this morning about it and gave her a list of the four acts (as of right now) that i really want to see down in texas. most of the reasoning involved in this is that they are bands that i either recently MISSED in new york or don't have tickets to see in the near future OR they aren't a band who will be playing in NYC soon after sxsw that i can catch at a later/less crazed time.

or the band is tally hall.

so the list so far goes:
tally hall
peter bjorn and john
amy winehouse
the fratellis
the oohlas (see i alerady added one!)

OBVIOUSLY this is not a complete list, due to my being overwhelmed, and i'm sure i will see lots more bands than those four but those are my MUST see or BE SUPER SAD list.

that said, if there is a band that you REALLY think i should check out, after taking into account the other bands that i like, please let me know!!!

and tell me when they are playing and what i need to do to get in. and i will go and write about them.

sending me mp3s also really helps!

email me here

you rock.

this is about how our song came on, and we sang along

guess i don't watch enough television