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keep smiling: friction party party one

I love going to Friction parties/shows, because you always know that no matter what is going on you are guranteed to see some great music and lately their line-ups have been getting better and better. Last week's show at sin-e was no exception, when I got to check out four bands that I hadn't had the chance to see before.

First up was Underrated's apparent favorite band ever ever (possibly *gasp* even more than Tally Hall), A Brief Smile. Lately the indie rock talent pool seems to be skewing younger and younger, and I have to say this band shows some definate potential. Lead by a serious Jason Schwartzman doppleganger, the five piece really seemed like they were genuinely enjoying themselves on stage, which is honestly really refreshing to see.

while some of their earlier material never really connected with me, the new songs from their forthcoming (Sept 27th) album R.E.S.T have developed their range quite a bit and it will be interesting to see where the future takes them.

A Brief Smile - This Machine

The next band to take the stage was the one I had heard the least about, but they also possibly stole the entire show. I have to admit that, while I didn't watch their entire set, Femme Generation from Toronto pretty much blew my mind -- though not so much musically as... theatrically? Honestly, at a certain point during a show when, as a member of the audience, you look down and see the lead singer of the band you were watching screaming into a microphone and practically humping your sneaker as he collapses to the floor... well that's just CRAZY okay. And it happened. And then confetti was flying through the air and at one point Jeff actually hid behind a chair or Jen or both to avoid being pelted in the head by flying random pieces of candy and streamers.

I can completely understand the Rapture comparisons (I mean the singer ALSO totally busted out a cowbell), but as far as live shows are concerned, Femme Generation took things to the next level of insanity.

Femme Generation - Heart In Stitches

More on the other two bands and a stuffed dog later...

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