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bone down

last Friday i went to Webster Hall. some band called The Killers was playing. this was supposedly a "secret" but yeah fucking right. NEEDLESS TO SAY, the show was actually quite good, especially for a band that previously had always been kind of stiff as a live act in my opinion. I think the grand scale stage setup featuring a gianormous glowing "Sam's Town" sign and a pretty great lighting display to match really made a difference. So far from what I've heard, Sam's Town is a pretty over the top album and the theatrics of moustached Brandon and company are therefore pretty appropriate I guess.

I'm not really sure why, but this song stands out to me so I'm posting it (if Island Def Jam arrests me or something, Rachael said she would bail me out). Maybe it's just because hearing Brandon sing "I want to feel my bones on your bones, it's only natural" is kinda hot. Anyways, the track is pretty nutso.

The Killers - Bones

In other news, The Changes are the band of the year. Or okay, band of the day.

And finally, come to this tonight. There will be bones on bones or something. Bah...

ps: no one had better show up wearing blue capri pants like the sim on the flier though.

blogging is the new CMJ. djing is the same old nora.

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