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completely awesome : annuals

Last week was a crazy week. By Friday night I was dragging myself around, drinking a cocktail at Le One Night Stand that tasted kind of like toothpaste, but it was free. Then I waved the white flag, surrendered, and slept a lot. And I feel much better. What also helped contribute to my exhaustion was going to a ton of shows, including getting to see Annuals at Mercury Lounge. This was a highlight, even though it was the third time I have seen the band. I know I'm obviously the last blogger on the planet to write about them, but this whole Annuals "obsession" was something that took some time to develop.

I saw them first at the Friction party at sin-e. I hadn't listened to more than five seconds of their album, Be He Me. While Rachael was in the front row next to me literally looking like she was about to burst with excitement, I was kind of like "ok... let's just get going," especially because I was still kind of dazed from the literal freak out that was Femme Generation.

From that show, I determined that Annuals are fun to look at. They are all young and attractive and very different looking. Like (as Rach would say) a cornucopia of interesting looking people who sort of all remind me of different people I went to high school with, on a stage. Sometimes the lead singer draws whiskers on his face and wears costumes and/or ponchos. So when I left Sin-e, I was curious about their album. And then I became completely obsessed with this one song off it called "Complete or Completing." Like I said in my entry last week, it OWNS. I don't listen to any other songs that really sound like it. I don't' even LIKE the Polyphonic Spree (though maybe I should... meh). But anyways, I think this song i great, so download it and then go see them live and yeah. You'll be happy I think.

Annuals - Complete or Completing

Annuals - Bleary Eyed

love beat radio

i applaud rachael