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the impossible is possible

Somehow the karma fairy is very happy with me lately, because running on about three hours of sleep and a massive hangover last night managed to be the best Savvy party yet. Maybe the best ever. The bands were great, especially Dutch Kills (so maybe I'm biased, deal). The room was packed for them and they sounded solid after taking the past two months off. Hopefully in the new year they will be playing a lot more (including a trip to Boston).

I also finally FINALLY got to see The Fame play after an entire year of consistantly missing them. I figured the best way to remedy that was to just book them at my own party. It worked! Reno djed a great set after the show and played some great stuff, as did Jacob (DJ Fludd from Rothko). At one point I was sitting next to the booth admiring my new The Fame t-shirt when I looked up and saw Jimmy Fallon requesting a song. I told Tracy that he was there, she almost fell off the couch, and the next thing I know they were hugging. Random.

Tuesday was also hectic but great, at the last minute thanks to some help from Husky G, I was able to rush over to Lit and DJ a last minute set. I think most of the staff was kind of surprised to see me behind the decks since I'm usually doing just the opposite of that (whatever that is), but it was a lot of fun. Lately everything is a lot of fun (getting some actually sleep would be fun also...), I think the holidays really turned things around. I need to take vacations more often. Tonight we are going to see !!! play their early set at Mercury Lounge. I think tickets are still on sale for this and TRUST me you need to go. This band managed to get my dancing at 2 in the afternoon @ Coachella when I was hungover in 109 degree heat. Fun times!


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