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get furry

i just got this email from my super cool friend Dom (aka Ryan Cabrera's twin brother - no foolin). I'm not to sure I would want to dance on stage at MSG in pasties and underwear but maybe someone who reads this blog would:


i'm going to be in nyc for new years!!! I'm going to a see wilco, flaming lips and sleater-kinney at msg. you know how flaming lips have people in animal costumes dancing on stage with them? Well i'm helping find them some girls. Do you know any girls that would be willing to dance on stage in a costume for 3 songs? basically for 1 song it's fully dressed, then the next two with just the animal head on and wearing a bikini and or underwear/paisties. if you know any one please let me know. they'll get an all access pass + guest and $100. haha i know this all sounds very strange, but let me know if you know any one. i need 4 more girls.

email me if you're interested

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