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the hangover is worth it

Last night was kind of a blur, but a very good blur at least. I started out at Rothko to catch The Changes from Chicago who I thought were excellent and really lived up to the hype with their live show. Their lead singer wins the award for happiest frontman possibly of all time. Seriously, he just looked so damn happy to be on that stage and that sort of energy tends to be infectious.

You can catch them tonight playing an early set (7:30) at Mercury Lounge on a bill with The Everyothers, The Heartless Bastards and Pela. Hopefully this band will be making more trips out to NYC this year.

After their set we darted off to Irving Plaza just in time to see Gang of Four. I'm not, honestly, a huge fan by any means but their live show just blew me away. And I got to see my friend Dom running around onstage fixing microphones which was pretty awesome and I'm glad he didn't get hit with that metal bat...

If you are going to see tonight's show or are just looking to have a lot of fun tonight, I suggest you hop on over to Lit for the Gang of Four afterparty at Atomique where Andy Gill will be guest djing.

Speaking of Lit, djing there was so much fun last night. One guy knew the entire choreography to Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" which... when performed by a lanky tall hipster is nothing short of awesome. So the best part is that we'll be back there next week on the decks again, possibly with guest Brian Molloy who, while he probably doesn't know the Hollaback Girl dance (we hope), will kindly sing along to all of the songs.

surefire kicks ass.

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