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learning how to die

My friend Jim sent me a link to this contest by Sound Opinions where you can win a copy of the new Wilco biography written by rock critic Greg Kot.

Greg Kot is one of my absolute favorite people in music and was perhaps my first major influence in my decision to work in the industry. Greg once wrote a short piece for the Trib about reasons why young people shouldn't listen to the Beatles Anthology albums back when they first came out. I got really angry about this and shot off an email to him (I think I was 15 or 16 at the time, maybe younger) about how he shouldn't discourage young people from listening to good music, and that even if the Anthologies were part of a big marketing ploy, they could easily get kids to buy other Beatles albums etc. And Greg was totally fucking cool and wrote me back and then all through high school we emailed back and forth with him sharing all of his great Billy Corgan stories with me as he was a big supporter of the Pumpkins as they suffered through the Adore backlash, and my gushing about even the mere concept of meeting Billy much less interviewing him. Bottom line, Greg is just a great guy and I hope his new book does really really well.


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