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La La Love the Pixies

(photo by ryan muir)

While I've never professed to be a huge fan of the Pixies in my life, there is no denying both their talent and incredible influence over the bands of my generation. As such, seeing them perform Doolittle last night from start to finish was nothing less than a joy, especially since the band seemed to really be enjoying themselves (and sounded fantastic).

Does Jim DeRogatis have a point when he says the band is most likely trying to cash in, rather than really celebrate the 20th anniversary of Doolittle's release? Um... probably. Is he also a total kill joy? Probably.

Story time: When I was in high school (age 14 I think?) I read an article in the Chicago Tribune by his counterpart, Greg Kot, which basically was a list of reasons that kids shouldn't care about the Beatles Anthology being released. I subsequently fired off a long email rant to him about how much I loved the Beatles and how excited I was to have an event to celebrate them with the same way my parents had - even though it's not the same, and sure they're probably just trying to make more money. Who cares? Their fans love it, and that's what matters. Some fourteen year-old should send Jim DeRogatis the same kind of email so that he gets over himself. Btw, Greg Kot actually wrote me back and ended up being really awesome, telling me great stories about Billy Corgan and even let me interview him for an article on "people who inspire me." He rocks.

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