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morning theft covers the pixies!

When the Pixies reunited at Coachella in 2004, I was there and it was pretty awesome, but I was definitely not NEARLY as excited as Rob Holmes from Morning Theft was. I am, however, really excited for Rob and his band because they are one of the artists that were chosen to participate in this awesome Pixies tribute record that is coming out in November of this year - alongside acts like British Sea Power, They Might Be Giants, and OK Go. YAY FOR MORNING THEFT!

Even more awesome, if you go to the myspace page for the release right now, you can stream their contribution, an awesome cover of Ana. You diehard fans can also pre-order a limited edition first release pressing thingy. In the meantime, Morning Theft promises updates as to their forthcoming album (woo!) and future shows soon.

Morning Theft - Thirty Helens Agree

quite possibly the only karaoke i would be good at

tegan and sara: con artists?