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true love will find you in the end

due to some freak occurence in the universe, i managed to get a pair of tickets to see beck tonight (even though ticketweb was imploding the entire time). unfortunately, i'm not a huge Beck fan, and after a lot of thinking the tickets have been passed on to someone who is obviously a lot more of a devoted fan than I and who really deserved the intimate experience (although I"m kind of appauled at the way people reacted towards Stereogum after he posted about the show yesterday... some people really need to grow up). i am sort of bummed to be missing this show, but i guess my hope is that if it was an artist that I really loved that someone would do the same for me. idealistic? totally. totes.

If you're like me and you don't have tickets to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ North Six tonight (opening for Ambulance Ltd -- who have an astonishingly awesome new video), and can't wait until the 23rd to see them at Pianos (w/ Hopewell, who I also love), you can go see their lead singer Alec Ounsworth acoustic @ Pianos this Sunday (6pm).

New York Press says: "(Alec Ounsworth's) vocals are among the best in New York."

I can never keep up with new shows the way other people can, so just hop on over and read what Jay said because it contains a large amount of awesome for your summertime (Killers and Ted Leo and Pixies! and New Pornographers oh my!).

Tonight, Hot Aaron (who bartends at the Dark Room and likes to give me the finger every time he sees me) is having his birthday party @ Crash Mansion and The Walk-Up are playing at 9pm. Open bar is from 9-10.

Tomorrow night, The GoStation are playing at Pianos and Nicola and I are DJing a party at The Skinny from 10-4am (174 Orchard b/t Stanton and Houston) to raise funds for our roadtrip. This will be the GoStation afterparty and the last time you'll see me in NYC for two weeks most likely. So come out, have some drinks, hang out with drunk band members etc. etc. The GoStation plays at 10pm.

new pope today and it's not me

i wear my sunglasses at night