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i wear my sunglasses at night

Last night at Hiro was fucking amazing. Seriously, I don't remember the last time I had so much fun DJing or been in a room with people who love 'Electric Barbarella' so much. I was kind of nervous about djing at Hiro because technically it's a club and I'm not really a club sort of girl but I really LOVED it there. The atmosphere was great, no one asked for any hip hop and Courtney Taylor left his sunglasses in the booth and I wore them and that made it kind of hard to see anything but it looked like people were dancing. Peter played some amazing mashups that I haven't heard before (and will now shameless steal). Hoorah!

Courtney Taylor came. I played Saints and Lovers and he told me "this band sounds like they really want to be The Strokes." And I was like Um... okay... but they don't actually sound anything like each other at all, but I'll go with it... Then he said something about Pearl Jam being the most influential band (Jed, I think I found your soulmate...), and then he told me that he wasn't going to DJ but could I hook up his ipod so he can play the entire new Dandy Warhols record?

So we did that, and he stood in the booth the whole time sort of acted like he was DJing, going through our cds and taking the headphones on and off. Courtney Taylor is rad. It was pretty crowded and I didn't really get to give the album a good listen but some of the tracks sounded pretty good. I have no idea when the album is even coming out or if what he played was really even mastered. Maybe he told Peter? hm?

Around 2 am we went over to Lit, where Audrey has moved her excellent Atomique party, and that was fun and at some point I decided it would be a good time to go to bed. Then I got sort of lost in Bushwick, but that all worked itself out and so... yay! Happy day.

Do you not know about the "secret" Beck show? Go here, tickets on sale at 5, pw is girls blah blah blah. I'm sure you know all about it already.

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