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new editors : an end has a start

As if the title of the sophomore effort from one of my favorite UK bands, Editors, wasn't seemingly profound enough, upon giving the album a few listens it seems that the songs within are just as conceptually earnest. As quoted in their press release, lead singer, lyricist, and dreamboat Tom Smith says about the new record and its overall message, “Realizing everything comes to an end is important and I think we’ve done our best to make it something glorious and uplifting as well as scary.”

While I dont think that a lot of the material on And End.. really strays that much in mood or feeling from The Back Room (the title track is the closest thing to Munich), I do get a definite sense of what Smith is referring to.

This is not happy stuff, but it is unquestionably engaging -- I honestly can't remember a recent vocalist I felt more of an emotional connection to than Smith. As he sings on the track "The Weight Of The World" - "every little piece of your life will add up to one, every little piece of your life will mean something to someone." And on "Bones," Smith belts "in the end, all you can hope for, is the love you felt to equal the pain you've gone thru." That's some powerful (and ok, depressing) shit, kids.

ANYWAYS, enough of that "deep" stuff, the album will be out in the US on July 17th and they will follow it up with a tour in September. YAY!

Editors - An End Has A Start

Album tracklisting:

1. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
2. An End Has A Start
3. The Weight Of The World
4. Bones
5. When Anger Shows
6. The Racing Rats
7. Push Your Head Towards the Air
8. Escape The Nest
9. Spiders
10. Well Worn Hand

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