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baby pacman, baby

So I thought the whole "can't go anywhere without seeing someone I know" was relegated to Manhattan, particularly the LES, but apparently this theory applies to Williamsburg aswell. Last night Nicole and I went to see Snowden (yes, again) @ Trash Bar. They were fantastic, but you should ask Nicole about it really. Hehehe.

You can also get tons of free food in Williamsburg, especially if you're at a bar owned by Big Dave. I think I had three dinners last night, two of which I didn't have to pay anything for. We also ran into the always entertaining Sam Bland, or rather he found us while we were deeply immersed in a Ms. Pacman challenge, and he invited me to DJ his birthday party. The theme of this party is apparently an "italian shorts party" where boys walk around in tiny little shorts and button up shirts? I dunno if I have to wear little shorts too, but it should be entertaining to say the least.

The rest of the evenings activity can't really be discussed, because it's apparently either illegal or could have been. Apparently we caused some kind of "annoyance." But damn was it fun!

I think that I don't listen to enough all-female bands or bands with female lead singers, so I've been looking around and have fallen in love with "Nearer Than Heaven" by The Delays and "New Resolution" by Azure Ray. Very much awesome.

Ok, time to get my shit together and get ready to go to Boston w/Morning Theft. I don't even know when I'm coming back....

FYI, to anyone who reads this blog through the syndicated feed, if you can please please please come here and leave your comments I would really appreciate it because otherwise I NEVER see them! thanks!!!

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