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brooklyn is where it's at

Plans for the Coachella roadtrip are really coming along. Honestly, you would think was the best thing to ever happen to me. It makes everything so easy! And it's crazy informative. Did you know that there is a days inn at graceland where they show elvis on tv 24/7 and there is a guitar shaped swimming pool? I didn't, but rand mcnally sure as hell did. Best ever. This trip might just be so awesome that I forgot all about Coachella for .5 seconds.

Well okay maybe not.

But to get me off of my daydreaming about the open road and places far away from NYC, let's focus on what is going on here this weekend....

Tonight, if you aren't lucky enough to have tickets to see Kaiser Chiefs Na na na na na all over Bowery Ballroom, one of my favorite local bands Other Passengers are playing a show at Trash in Williamsburg and there is an open bar from 9-10.

256 Grand Ave, Brooklyn

8pm - Mike Wexler
9pm - Black Lights (Kyp from TVoTR)
11pm - Print
12pm - Talibam!

other passengers - in the belly

furthermore, on Saturday we are doing popfrenzy! @ red and black, details on our website. nicola and i will be djing for six solid crazy hours. please be nice to us if we don't play a lot of gangster rap ok?????

I'm going to a house party tonight to play flip cup and other assorted drinking games. TGIF people. have a good one!

weirdness abounds

my goth party is better than YOUR goth party.