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Starting about now, there seems to just be a solid stream of great shows day in and day out. I currently have two to recommend... starting tonight at Pianos with the last night of the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! residency. The band plays at 9:30, followed up by This Blue Holiday, who I have been meaning to catch for a while now.

Upstairs, as always, we'll have Savvy from 10pm til late, with lovely guest DJ Jenny Penny.

Then Thursday, also at Pianos, go see a great line-up including a band that I haven't seen in a while but always really enjoyed, Other Passengers, who always reminded me a lot of one of my favorite bands, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Other Passengers are on at 9:30 and they are playing on a stellar line up including The Harlem Shakes, Human Television, Shade, and Valeze.

(other passengers photo by Jasper)
Other Passengers - The end is the beginning is the end

The Harlem Shakes - Eighteen

interpol + hot lesbian action = ?

i dream of ted leo. well, i did!