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interpol + hot lesbian action = ?

Last night, while I was in a very drunken state, Jay excitedly informed me that Interpol was played on the OC not once, not twice, but THREE times. Apparently they like "Evil" a whooole lot. I haven't watched it yet, but last season the sex scene that featured "Specialist" was hottt, so much so that it resulted in a baby (and no herpes as far as I'm aware). Also apparently they threw in some Rilo Kiley (Jed will you just start watching the damn show now????).

Before this conversation with Jay, I was inexplicably at an IMG model party above 14th street where there was open bar (which contributed to the drunken state mentioned previously) and people kept walking around with trays of finger foods and shoving them in everyone's face. Yeah, because models love food, right? Oh well, more for us! Stuffted full of satay and some mystery shrimp concoction, we smuggled out two glasses of champagne for our cab ride to Pianos, arriving just in time to see Other Passengers rock out. And they really did... I love this band more and more every time I see them, so loud and captivating, and their lead singer has a voice that just sucks you in, floating between airy and breathtakingly intense. I need very badly to get a copy of their EP, "Is It Nothing to You, All Those Who Pass By?"

Other Passengers - Bank

just another weekend in the desert.

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