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just another weekend in the desert.

it's all about roadtripping this year:

(too bad the smiths didn't reform for this festival as the rumour mill taunted last week, i may have wet my pants)


ps: good morning miss n.k.w. - look at how productive i am when i get to work early?!

Hey Nicola and everyone else.... yeah def. no pants wetting at this lineup. And very little shrieking or coffee spitting all over my monitor either (I'm sure my boss is glad for that). But it's GOOD just the same, a lot of bands I have never seen live --- including Weezer --- I know... what the fuck is wrong with me? Oh well, tickets are purchased and road trip is tentatively planned.

My big question about all of this: THE SEXY MAGAZINES? huh? what? who manages these guys???? are they even signed? someone please explain.


interpol + hot lesbian action = ?