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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Dennis Cahlo & The Change cover Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball"

Happy Halloween kids! It's my first time celebrating here in SF - where I believe I have mentioned that people are REALLY REALLY into costumes. Like I'm pretty sure they just stockpile things all year and at any moment an SF resident can likely produce an entire bin worth of costumes. I'm making a so so attempt today so that I can rock out in appropriate fashion at the Tame Impala / Flaming Lips "Blood Bath" tonight at the Civic Center - follow me on Instagram for the inevitable "Nora in a wig" selfie. And the wig matches my nail polish! C-r-a-z-y.  

Dennis Cahlo & The Change - Wrecking Ball

In other things that are awesome and not serious, recently my good friend Dennis Cahlo filmed this insanely amazing 80's throwback cover of Miley Cyrus's latest monster hit "Wrecking Ball." This, my friends, is smart satire at it's very best. He even got some amazing local media coverage for it. Some of you may remember Dennis from the band Saints and Lovers who I covered pretty extensively on this blog back in the day.. or when he was in The Realistics. Even if you don't, I strongly encourage you to check out his latest musical project, Dennis Cahlo and The Change. There is limited twerking involved, I promise you 


I Rock I Roll - the radio show!

I love you, Woodkid