WATERS played The Chapel, cover The Cranberries

WATERS are a band that have held a special place in my heart, ever since they played their US debut at my Northside Festival Showcase three years ago. Fronted by former Port O'brien lead singer Van, released an insanely catchy new single at the beginning of the year titled "Got To My Head" and have been releasing a series of fun covers on Facebook while they are in the studio (hopefully) finishing up their sophomore LP.

One of these covers spoke very much to the HUGE PART OF MYSELF that is obsessed with all things 90s (I have done two 90s only radio shows on BFF.fm in the past two months which are must listens and you can find them here and here). 

Here is WATERS covering the Cranberries. If you are in or coming out to the Bay Area for Treasure Island in October you will be able to catch them there too.