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Bastille <3 - cover Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop," play Not So Silent Night tomorrow in Oakland


On my radio show on this week I played a few choice covers that I'm really enjoying. Granted it's often hard if not totally impossible to find covers that improve on originals (although it does happen sometimes and when it does it's AMAZING - e.g. I Will Always Love You). But it gets really boring when every sweet voiced singer songwriter female thinks it is really edgy and cool to do breathy covers of hip hop tracks, but it happens a lot and some of them are at least worth a listen. Just one though. Mostly covers are just fun and great entertainment/novelty. 

So on that note here's a cover from UK act Bastille - who I'm pretty excited to be seeing in Oakland this weekend - of Miss Miley. Aside from this, however, their album Bad Blood is definitely one of my faves from 2013 (although not in my top 25. It would be in the top 30 for sure!). Enjoy. 



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