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Alright, the weekend isn't coming fast enough, so here's another blog post.

First we have some picture I took at the Saints and Lovers show @ Rothko on Tuesday for Vicious.

This show was great. They played a lot of songs I haven't heard before. OR maybe it was the two bottles of half priced wine from dinner making me forgetful. But regarldess, they were excellent. Unfortunately, we were late and I don't know if they opened with Joy Division's 'Atmosphere', and if they did and I missed it, I am truely sad (if you were there and you saw it, you can feel free to rub it in, but I will be sadder then and you will just be mean). I'm pretty sure they played 'Kiss it Goodbye' into 'December' into 'It's You' which pretty much almost made my head pop off in sheer awe. I don't know when their next show is, but you MUST GO.

Before this show, and before the two bottles of wine, we went to see PS at Sin-e as planned. They broke a bass string, so despite being late from work I was told that I didn't miss much. They sounded fantastic -- I haven't been to a show at Sin-e in a while and for me it has always been hit or miss in terms of sound, but Tuesday it was great.

Song: PS - Plyons (this song seriously rocks out)


This brings us fairly up to speed to this coming weekend --- which will be a great one.

Tonight @ Mercury Lounge features some of my favorite musical boys on the planet, The Upwelling. I'm pretty much convinced that they may never play another venue aside from the Merc (until they headline Radio City, obviously...), but the sound here suits them perfectly so please come check it out.

They are headlining, and one of the openers is Robbers On High Street. Everywhere I turn this band is getting some crazy good press for their new album, "Tree City."

Listen to their song Spanish Teeth. I've always had "ho-hum" feelings about this band when I have seen them live, but in this email I got today this is how a reviwer described them:

"imagine Hot Hot Heat teetering above a pool infested with members of Interpol armed with ugly sticks, that's how tense, danceable and new wavey New York's Robbers On High Street are." (New Musical Express)

Um.. whoa? Apparently this should be my favorite band ever or something. We will see...

The afterparty for this show is going to be at Lit, featuring the DJ talents of Melody Nelson, Greg K, James Iha... etc. etc. etc. and a RED BULL AND VODKA OPEN BAR FROM 12-1am.

Saturday night Morning Theft are playing their last show at the sadly departing Luna Lounge. It's free and starts at 8pm.

And finally, I will be the thousanth person to tell you that Motherfucker @ Roxy w/ Bloc Party is not to be missed.

Then on Monday, you can sleep or something. What a plan!

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