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hi mr. salad. you have an awesome band.

So apparently this week I forgot that I had a blog. oops! so sorry about the lack of updates, but it's a slow week in music land at least as far as I'm concerned, and I've been pretty thankful for it.

Then again... at the end of the work day Tuesday I was trying to figure out what to do that night after dinner with the girls and Morning Theft, so popped onto On My Rockness (one of the few websites that I could not live without) and saw that Robbers on High Street and King of France were playing @ Mercury Lounge and decided that I immediately had to go. I recently became completely addicted to their album, "Tree City" which is one of those albums that took a while for me to love but now I'm not sure how I ever lived without it. Their live show upped the ante, and I love their vaguely Spoon soundalike key-driven rock and the crowd seemed to agree with me. Not a huge showing for a Tuesday night in their hometown, but this band plays out a lot so be sure to catch them if you have the chance.

Robbers On High Street - Spanish Teeth

King of France... wow. I don't even know. I sent Nicole a text message during their set that read: "I love King of France!" And she wrote back asking me what they sound like. I told her I would figure that out when I was more sober, but even now ... well I still will say that I love this band. I'm going to spend some quality time with their CD that I picked up at the show and get back to you. In the meantime...

King of France - The Beast

Oh, and their lead singer's last name is Salad. Awesome.

Anyways... tonight Stellastarr* sold out (yay!) so go see Surefire for THREE DOLLARS and drink free beer. Here is the info, see you there:

StarTime International presents The Champagne Room
Free Red Stripe between 10pm-11pm
DJ Eucho (Eugene Cho)
DJ Green Lightning (Isaac Green)
DJ Carter Logan (Carter Logan)

Bands! Bands! Bands!
Surefire at 10:30pm
Professor Murder at 11:30pm

There will be a $3 cover for the bands — free thereafter.

Cheap booze, great music, lovely people.

Imbibe at:
169 Bar
169 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002-5543
(212) 473-8866
cross street: Rutgers Street

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