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an honest mistake

I'm really fucking excited. And not because I didn't get my dream job of going on tour with The Shins (wah!), but because in lieu of going on tour and being rediculously happy I'm going to stay in NYC and go see all the bands I love and still be rediculously happy as a result.

This project, which I will call the "Rediculous Happiness Project" will commence tonight when I finally go check out The Bravery @ Arlene's Grocery. I have been addicted to their EP ever since they played at Plaid and I must must must see them live. They are actually playing a residency all month, so if you can't make it out tonight to party with me, then go NEXT Thursday! Trust me, they are dance-y fun!

Then tomorrow night I really want to go see The Sexy Magazines @ CBGBs, for lead singer in eyeliner oogling (which sort of happened at the Mooney Suzuki afterparty this past week) and because after they have opened at Bowery twice and once for C-Love, I NEED to know what the buzz is about. Curiousity and boys in eyeliner killed the Nora afterall...

Finally we are going to cap this off on Saturday by going to see Morning Theft @ Orchard Bar. And obviously I just can't plug this band enough, but GO TO THIS SHOW BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING GREAT. Seriously, just pretend like you are in Boston, and come see a great show by cool guys. Speaking of Boston, I just got a friendster message which was obviously a week late (fuck you Friendster), from Surefire asking me to come to Boston and see them this weekend. I think I may be a little too late on that one, but if you ARE in Boston, make sure you go and check them out at The Middle East (Upstairs) at 9 this Saturday.

Phew.. that's all the plugging I think I can manage for one day. And just a word to everyone.. if you see Carlos D walking around in the east village, don't call him the lead singer from Blink 182 (see the "I miss you" video here). Just trust me on this one.

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