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irockiroll's fairly half-assed but awesome SXSW preview

It's going to be almost 70 degrees in New York tomorrow according to my Yahoo! weather. It will probably be 10 degrees warmer than that at least when I arrive in Austin tomorrow. Considering both of these things, isn't it fitting that my new favorite band of the moment are called Winterkids?

No matter, because I am totally in love with the sound of this band, which reminds me a lot of well.. EVERYTHING that has been coming out of the UK lately, but still somehow manages to sound totally fresh and awesome (comparisons have been made to bands like Pulp, the Winter Present and... Blink 182 - tho not sure about that last one). I will be missing their show tonight because there is NO WAY I am going to haul ass to a concert before I leave for a vacation where I will see 283975298375293857235 concerts most likely.

Winterkids have an album out right now called Memoirs and I feature them on the BLOG SHOW this week so if you like what you hear make sure to tune in!

If you want to catch them at Merc or down in the heat, here is where you can find the band this week:

Tues 3/13 @ 7:30pm 21+
Mercury Lounge -
Live From London with The Holloways, Pop Levi, and Tunng

SXSW schedule:
Wednesday 3/14 - Levi’s/Fader Party @ The Fort, 3pm
Thursday 3/15 – Village Voice Party @ The Blind Pig, 8pm
Friday 3/16 – SESAC Day Stage @ Austin Convention Center, 1pm
Friday 3/16 – Pangea Party @ Barcelona, 9:30pm
Friday 3/16 – Official SXSW showcase @ Whiskey Bar, 8pm
Saturday 3/17 – The Musebox Presents Bubbling Up @ Habana Annex, 1:20pm

Winterkids - Tape It

Winterkids - All The Money

The other new band that has totally grabbed my attention in the past week has been Air Traffic after I read about them on Exifare. This band, also from the UK (!) play some incredibly catchy piano rock and have a new album coming out on EMI. Here are their SXSW shows that I will HOPEFULLY make it to unless I am in too much of a margarita enduced haze.

Mar 15 2007 - SXSW - HELL YA! - Apple Street Bar Austin

Mar 15 2007 11:30P SXSW - The Rio Austin, Texas

Mar 16 2007 SXSW - BD Riely's (Music From Ireland Full Irish Breakfast Party Austin)

Air Traffic - Just Abuse Me

Air Traffic - Never Even Told Me Her Name

Ok well those are the two recommendations that I'm throwing into the hat, and now I am off to be completely crazed until I get on the plane at 6:30 this morning.

See you down south!

sxsw 2007: margarita memory loss/awesomeness

dance dance party