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more tacos, more awesome

Okay where were we. Ah yes, SXSW. Right now I'd like to highlight two more bands that I enjoyed while I was in Tejas. After we "accidently" saw Hot Club De Paris, a group of us hiked (it was far, ok) to La Zona Rosa for the "Free Yer Radio" party which involved a lot of free food, including franks and beans (!!!) and booze and an amazing live show with The Rapture and one of my new favorite groups, The Pipettes. When this retro 60's girl group took the stage, my rock and roll guys friends all almost instantly declared their crushes on at least one if not all of the members. Their music is fun, their outfits adorably coordinated and their choreography ties the whole thing together into one brilliant and fun to watch package.

Here are some Pipettes tunes and make sure you go and listen to the new BLOG SHOW today because they are the first band that we feature in our SXSW wrap up.

The Pipettes - Pull Shapes

The Pipettes - Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me

Of course, it goes without saying that The Rapture were AMAZING. Hearing "House Of Jealous Lovers" live always leaves me totally beside myself with happiness, and after their "tease" of a show at Studio B (only 3 songs), having them play a LONG full set was a treat to say the least.

Another band that I discovered my love for while in Austin have obviously been around for a while. I'm not sure why I'm just paying attention to Kings Of Leon now, but on the drive from Houston to Austin my friend Aishah had a promo copy of Because Of The Times that we played in the car a few times over. It wasn't until I caught them Friday at the Spin party, however, that I really was won over by these dirty southern rockers.

Check out the tracks below - "On Call" has been burning a hole in my ipod all week long. Great stuff. Great like the cheese fries at Stubbs. I mean YUM, okay.

Kings Of Leon - On Call

Kings Of Leon - Charmer

More updates coming...

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