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Ok basically nothing happened this weekend that was crazy or involved music. Went to see Closer for a good mindfuck and had good food and lousy service at Veselka. When a waitress snaps at you and walks off when you are only asking for a list of breads you know you're in trouble. Then we had three kinds of chocolate and watched The Wizard for young Christian Slater/Jenny Lewis hotness. I love that movie because all the video games are SO old and cheesy looking, it's hilarious. And Jenny Lewis's character Haley talks like someone from the 1940s. It's awesome.

Tonight for some visual stimulation go to Pianos where The GoStation will reveal their completed music video before playing a set at 8:45. From what I understand, the video features Joel in bed with a model and Matt drinking at a bar, among other things. So it's semi-realistic, right? Their new EP should be finished up soon and features the new song "C'mon" with guest vocals by members of Surefire (remember them?)

Here we have a photo of Matt and Doug Gostation. Comparisons have apparently been made to Liam and Noel, Ian and John and Mick and Keith even. I'll leave it to you to decide....

photo by Dennis Cahlo

rise and shine

just another weekend in the desert.