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rise and shine

In direct relation to my previous entry, you can now watch The GoStation's video for "Wandering Away" right here.

Apparently David Bowie was spotted at the Arcade Fire show last night. Pretty sure there will be 238957329587 fantastic reviews of the show coming this morning. We CANNOT WAIT. Can we go n o w?

Speaking (sort of) of Arcade Fire, this (right click save as) only goes to further solidify my belief that certain "mash ups" need to NOT happen. EVER. My appologies...

Benzos new LP is the best thing to listen to in the morning ever. It goes well with my apple jacks. Seriously, it will make your head explode with its amazing-ness. Or your vagina. Or whatever you like to explode in music related bliss. Promise.

Next Tuesday, Nicola and I are djing at Lit.

Ok I think that's all for now.

take my temperature. it's hottt.