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sacre bleu and whatever

If you know me at all, you probably have already heard that i finally got a new job that i absolutely love. on my first day (being today), my new boss spent the entire morning and afternoon listening to Antics on repeat. While this may sound as though it would be somewhat annoying, I found this to be very encouraging and also rather awesome.

Tomorrow night, post working, voting, etc. etc. i will be back DJing @ The Skinny. I know I have already mentioned the very VERY strong drinks and cheap prices at this place ($4 for all well drinks). Hopefully we will all have something to celebrate tomorrow (go Kerry), but it is going to be a long and probably nerve wracking day. sooooo when it is all said and done, come on over and relax and have a drink with me. Hopefully it will be a drink for a happier cause. If not, I am packing up my albums and heading to Canada with my little sister. Canada is awesome, they sell poutines at Burger King and the Stills came from Canada and they are cute! I think Jed (aka my own, personal, jesus) told me Arcade Fire are also from Canada? Yeah yeah yeah, I like them too. Yada yada yada hipster bandwagon. They're GOOD.

Whatever, Kerry is going to win and we are going to get drunk. See you tomorrow night!

(just in case, you can practice singing "O, Canada" here in english and francais. ohlala)

Also before I forget, my Halloween was awesome and I got to handcuff a lot of people which was fun. DJing while handcuffed to a dancing person is complicated but workable. And that's all she wrote...

elefants are cool.

it was a graveyard smash