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i can haz internets, and ur spoons!

hey everyone. so i've returned after a week of "exhile" in the midwest. little irockiroll was graduating from her place of higher education, and while chicago has a lot of really awesome things (food & bands in particular), for me it also comes with no cable tv, and, more importantly and tragically, DIAL UP INTERNET. yes, my family, technology wise, is still hovering somewhere circa 1994. have you forgotten what a modem sounds like? because if so i can remind you, my friend.

so that is my excuse for lack of updates, but i am back and now have the rest of the summer filled with awesome new releases to look forward to, and my little sister has the task of finding a job and moving out of our house to look forward to (hahaha).

Upon returning to the world of high speed, I was a little more than excited to get ahold of the new Spoon record. Honestly, I feel like I have never really appreciated Spoon as much as I should, even though I love all of their albums, they are just never the band that I name drop when people asks me what my favorite bands are (I hate that question anyways, but still..). And yet every time Spoon puts out a new record, I always find myself exclaiming "THIS IS SO AWESOME" and telling my friends how awesome it is. And now I am telling you.

Oh and the album is called "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" which I find ridiculously cute -- it's the noise babies make! And also the noise my drunk friends sometimes make too.. but that is an entirely different story.

Spoon - You Got Yr Cherry Bomb

Spoon - The Ghost Of You Lingers

This summer, you and I can check out Spoon when they play my summer festival of choice, the Virgin Fest in Baltimore, alongside my FAVORITE BAND OMG EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER (and no it is not Peter Bjorn and John). In the coming weeks I will be talking about Virgin Fest a lot, because it will probably (undoubtably) be the musical highlight of my summer, not just because I will (hopefully) be sober enough to remember most of it... unlike...oh i dont know... Lollapalooza 2006? Oops.

Single day tickets are also going onsale TOMORROW, so you don't have to shell out all your weekly allowance to those bastards on Craigslist!

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