LAST FM FESTIVAL IS THE BEST (and I have tickets for you!)

You guys, I am obsessed with I actually have been for years now. It's pretty much my favorite (or one of my favorite) things on the entire internet. For the past four years it has tracked every single song I've ever listened to in iTunes or on my ipod - which is where I listen to pretty much everything. It has cataloged my entire musical life in that time period, all of my habits and obsessions, into one totally awesome place. I actually judge friendships and even the potential of future relationships on their musical compatibility rating. It. Is. Awesome.

Think I'm joking? Last year at SXSW Interactive my friend Irene and I were at some networking party and she introduced me to the someone who worked at and you would have thought I had just met Oprah or a Beatle, that's how excited I got. And then HE introduced me to the guy who created the entire site, and I pretty much told them that my life dream is to work at, to which they responded that I should just show up at their London office someday with a suitcase (I don't really think they took me seriously enough because um... I AM SO THE PERSON WHO WOULD DO THAT).

So yeah, if you don't use, get on that RIGHT NOW and start scrobbling - but not before I get to the point of this blog post. Because if you thought all that rambling storytelling wasn't awesome enough (haha), it's going to get better because:


The bands that are playing? Oh man this is good:

Tokyo Police Club (awesome? yes), Two Door Cinema Club (WOO), aaaaand Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. And it's SOLD OUT.

Do you want to go? Here is what you need to do to snag a pair of tickets:

1. Starting right now, and going until Monday morning at 8am, go to Twitter and follow me.

2. After you follow me, tweet the following message:

hey @irockiroll I want to win tickets to the SOLD OUT @lastfm festival in NYC!

3. On Monday I will pick one person at random to win a pair of tickets to the show and announce the winner on Twitter (and here too).

4. Don't have Twitter? No worries! Just shoot an email to with that same message in the subject line to enter.