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and the winner is...

I never win anything, ever, so now I'm giving the two people who read this blog (hi dad) a chance to win a pair of tickets to the DIESEL-U-MUSIC awards. They won't let me present an award, but attending is just as fun, right? This is the third time the awards have been held, and their purpose is to provide exposure to deserving artists that are under the radar of "mainstream" and support artists on a local level. Kind of like what I try to do here but on a much larger scale (I don't have my own irockiroll awards ceremony...yet!).

The award ceremony will take place this thursday June 9th at The Roxy where the three winners will play. I have no idea which three, but I'm sure they will be good.

Anyways, for you fine folks I have a pair of tickets to the show, a CD sampler, stickers (who doesn't love sticker?), and a nifty lighter (for all you pyros) to give away! If you would like to go, email me at with "diesel music" in the subject line. The winners of the tickets will be chosen by yours truly in a totally random fashion, so get those submissions in by 6pm on Wednesday.

i totally knew all the words to "informer!" ok... no i didn't.

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