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Sometimes re-reading old entries on this blog is something akin to time travelling to another vodka-soaked dimension also known as my 20s. Did I say sometimes? I mean ALL THE TIME. Like did you know I djed an afterparty for the Faint in 2005? I mean, apparently that is a think that actually happened! Weirdness. In addition to that kind of nostalgia trip, reading these blog archives is like revisiting a time capsule of bands that I really REALLY loved that - with few exceptions - do not exist anymore. Anyone know what White Light Motorcade is up to these days? Or The Changes (actually I do, they recorded a new album! It's pretty rad. So there is that)?

Should you feel like taking a REAL nostalgia trip, however, bypass this blogspot situation and see the following: BENZOS are playing a REUNION SHOW at MERCURY LOUNGE! And I'm co-presenting it with Battering Room!

You guys it's like the best parts of 2005 all over again. Buy tickets here. Buy them now before they sell out.

And if you really really want to go but have as much spare cash as I did back in 2005, you can WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS by emailing


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