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weirdness abounds

it was such a weird weekend. i completely spaced on the fact that sunday was easter, my computer hard drive wiped out completely and needs to be replaced so i lost e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, while using my roommate's computer the monitor went on the fritz and also BROKE, and i had my first tarot card reading which was awesome and also sort of creeptastic. as a result i'm almost glad to be back at work today because at least so far it's NORMAL. except that i had a cupcake for breakfast. but whatever.

tonight i'm going to the Walkmen/Ben Kweller (if I had a little brother I would want him to be Ben Kweller)/Features show @ Irving, which will be awesome. i'm not a huge Walkmen fan by any means, but i just want to hear 'The Rat' live so bad I can taste it. And Ben Kweller is awesomeness personified, winning me over with his acoustic show @ Spinhouse live... so tonight should be no exception.

The Features - Blow It Out

Ben Kweller - On My Way

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Moving along... if you like Travis or bands like Travis (ie: radiohead etc. etc.) you will probably like Aqualung, from the UK.

stream their single "Brighter Than Sunshine":
windows media // real

Their first album, Strange Beautiful is out in the US on the 22nd.

Then we have quite possibly my new favorite song, by the UK band The Duke Spirit. They got some great reviews from their SXSW show. When I first heard this song my immediate reaction was -- "Slow Hands?!?!"

But not quite! Listen to it a few times.. catchy goodness)

The Duke Spirit - Lion Rip
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And finally, more WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD (thanks nikki)

ohh la la

brooklyn is where it's at