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- Djing at The SKINnY this week was the best ever. Mostly because I got completely drunk, was worshiped by an asian guy dressed like Ali G, and had a tag team of DJ partners who helped me out when I needed a cigarette break or couldn't comprehend trying to mix anymore. If you're a DJ and you ever need to take a serious break from the decks, what was discovered on Tuesday was that playing Green Day's "Jesus of Suburbia" is a great way to make this happen -- all 9 minutes of it.

- Rolling Stone has given the new Gwen Stefani album 4 stars. Rob Sheffield says about the album, entitled Love, Angel, Music, Baby (isn't this printed on a LeSportsac bag?) "It's an irresistible party: trashy, hedonistic and deeply weird." Okay... so I got the "weird" part. But... I'm convinced this stuff will grow on me now. Well... pretty much convinced.

Then again, Rolling Stone also thought that the new U2 album was worthy of four stars. So maybe they don't know jack. I think the U2 Ipod is ten thousand times cooler than this pretty "eh" album. Granted I am due to give it a few more listens, but nothing caught my attention the way old U2 used to instantaneously. Maybe I have a short attention span. Huh? What? And anyways, why don't those crazy people at Apple just start making some black ipods? That's what people really want.

- Ben Kweller, the Flaming Lips, the Raveonettes, Death Cab for Cutie, Cake, AND the Dandy Warhols are covering oldies tunes for the soundtrack of a new VIDEO GAME called Stubbs the Zombie. The game comes out March 15th (or at least the soundtrack does). I don't know if this is necessarily the music I would want to listen to whilst killing Zombies, but what the heck...

Stubbs the Zombie track listing:

"Lollipop," Ben Kweller
"My Boyfriend's Back," the Raveonettes
"Earth Angel" Death Cab for Cutie
"Everyday," Rogue Wave
"Strangers in the Night," Cake
"There Goes My Baby," the Walkmen
"All I Have to Do Is Dream, the Dandy Warhols
"Mr. Sandman," Oranger
"If I Only Had a Brain," the Flaming Lips
"Tears on My Pillow," Clem Snide
"Shakin' All Over," Rose Hill Drive
"Lonesome Town," Milton Mapes
"The Living Dead," Phantom Planet

- look, there is a band called Dear Nora! awwww

- Audrey's fantastique party Atomique has moved to Thursdays from Mondays. As a result, it's happening tonight! Better day of the week, still the best music around. She has all the info on her site that you need.

i don't know about you, but i think the fish might need to get a life...

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