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this fire is out of control

i hate being sick. i know i've said this before, and obviously few people actually ENJOY being sick.. but god this sucks. I missed my first Surefire show ever, when they played at Misshapes tonight.

I'm sure the massive amounts of alcohol consumption at the fantastic GoStation show last night didn't really help matters any. Apparently when I got home around 5 am, I watched about two hours of TV with my roommate and had an indepth conversation with her about how I don't like Evanescence at all even though I think the chick is pretty hot... and I don't remember any of it. Tonight when I went to watch Subterranean on the Tivo she says to me "you do realize you watched this entire show when you got home yesterday..." Blah.

But anyways, The GoStation rocked my little world (even though no one was, as did the band that opened for them, The Bravery. I think I called them "the celery" at some point, but that was after the one hour open bar so... I can't be sure. Needless to say, they were REALLY great, and they are playing every Thursday in May at Arlene's Grocery. That's pretty cool.

However, the all girl Depeche Mode coverband, Violator, was pretty disappointing. I mean, honestly, I would rather just stay home and listen to Depeche Mode albums and make out with someone than listen to their female cover band. But they were a pretty good prototype for our Joy Division cover band, The Dengler!, which Nicole and I decided to make all female after last night. Oh the hottness. Also, I didn't pay a lot of attention to Metropolitan, but I wasn't really thrilled by what I heard so... oh well. Plaid is a really weird place to go see shows, because you walk from where the bands play into the other room and you are at some really really lame top 40 dance party with annoying "clubbing" people.