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crazy weekend
ok since I obviously just don't sleep anymore, let's look at what is coming up for Nora this weekend. oh my oh my:

- Tomorrow night I will obviously somehow wind up at Lit, because Jason is DJing and he said it would be a BIG NIGHT. What does that mean? Rockstars other than The Dengler and the wannabe Hive (aka: badbadkisser)? I am vowing to stay on the sober side because... if Fossy can do it so can I and um... my liver needs a rest, don't you think? Oh and a little bird told me that Morrison Poe is playing and if I don't go one of the guys from One Night Only might kill me in my sleep. Unfortunately I will have to miss the fooseball tournament being held weekly by my upstairs neighbors, where everyone has dirty names. I was dubbed "hidden turtle neck" and Tom was "sideways smile" and another boy was.... ew... "roastbeef curtains." So wrong. I'm thinking of changing my name to "Groupie Action" however (see Shins article below). Even though I AM NOT A GROUPIE.

- Friday --- first to see The Saints of 35th Street @ The Charleston, doing all cover songs and with the super hot Tom singing some lead vocals, how can I not go? I have to try hard not to make out with him though, because it's "the right thing to do." Hmm... ANYWAYS then Nicole told me there is some band from MySpace that we are going to see because they inexplicably love us. Ok... sure! AND it's Lindsay's birthday party @ Siberia and another bird told me there might be drink tickets floating around so um... yes.

- Saturday - British Sea Power @ Bowery with Sgt. Fun. So exciting, ESPECIALLY since I completely forgot that I had tickets to this until a few hours ago when I checked my credit card balance (ouch!).

- Sunday - Girl brunch and thriftstore shopping, and then off to The Day After Party, even if the Bling Kong cheerleaders are djing. I wonder if the sparkle headband guy will be there. I will probably inhale another Pianos salad because they are SO GOOD. After all that, I will head home for a Sopranos party with the boys upstairs. The most disappointing thing for me about this season of the Sopranos is that I already know who dies, because Jamie Lynn told me @ my old job. But I promise not to spoil it for everyone else. Speaking of Jamie, there was a really REALLY harsh article about her upcoming turn as Heidi Fleiss in the latest NY Post. I personally can't wait to see this movie. Anyone want to come watch it and drink pink champagne with me? Ohh yeah. AND jesus christ, The Smiths are DJing with Ultragrrrl @ the Tribeca Grand too. Why does so much happen on SUNDAY now? Isn't it a day of rest?

Ok... now I'm sort of tired. Probably because I have all this stuff to do and all I want to do is sleeeeeeep. And eat a burrito.