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two pints of stella

I know, I owe everyone a huge update. But lately, life has just been filled with so much good music, it's hard to even know where to begin. Let's work backwards, maybe that will help...

Tonight I got to see one of my favorite NYC artists, Dennis Cahlo (formerly of the group The Realistics) in his monthly residency at Pianos. Every time I see Dennis perform,I can't help but be blown away by his simplistic and beautiful music, soaring falsetto, and touching lyrics. He is a gem, and if you have a chance the next two Sundays of this month, I absolutely recommend that you go and see him perform. I also got to FINALLY see Morning Theft, and even though they were apparently missing a member, they were still excellent (and ok, cute too).

Oh oh...and I just noticed on the Morning Theft website that they are playing Vicious! next month at a NEW VENUE. Finally! A new venue! Because honestly Sin-e was just getting too crowded for this popular once a month showcase.

Saturday night, another fabulous Tiswas performance for White Light Motorcade. A sweaty Stu told me that he was giving up party-ing, but I told him I didn't believe him. Somehow I'm sure I'll see him running around Lit in his leather soon enough. Following the show I was taken to Misshapes, where I danced up a storm and met Howie from Bastion, who was wearing a very cute hat. I like Howie. AND I like Bastion. Fun all around. (Don't ask me about the semi-homosexual karyoke though. whoa)

Friday night, there was complete debauchery at the latest edition of Motherfucker (NICOLE, WE NEED TO SEND THEM PICTURES!!!!). A big thanks to Craig for making the evening fantastic for my friends, and we'll forget the whole "lose my number" incident. I love Craig. AND I love Cityzen, his webzine. More on that soon! Oh and did I mention I got to make out on the dancefloor with Michael T? I can die a happy girl now.

And FINALLY, Thursday I got to see Benzos AND Tv On The Radio @ Mercury Lounge, both of whom were fantastic. Benzos songs make people weep in a good way. I love them. LOVE love love them. TV On The Radio were fucking amazing, breaking the mold in lots of ways and they played a great set. I liked, I bought the CD, happy times.

All in all, it has been a fantastic week for music, which can put a smile on my face even when there is so much stuff that is getting me down in other ways. I love NYC, I love music, and that's what matters right now.