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the force is strong (barring some minor alterations)

So if you're like me or a lot of my friends, you're probably pretty excited about the release this week of the original trilogy on DVD.

But apparently George Lucas just couldn't help himself and had to go change MORE stuff in the movies. WTF. I still have the original versions they put out on VHS way back in the day before he digitally added a bunch of random crapola, but still. WTF Lucas!

One of my favorite websites, The Black Saint, has posted this hilarious entry about the new changes to the movie, which apparently includes a scene in which the Emperor tells Darth Vader that Luke Skywalker is his son. So lame. But go read the imagined conversation because it's fucking hilarious anyways.

OH, and apparently Hayden Christiancrapactor (who plays Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader in the new movies) has also been added to Return of the Jedi for some unknown retarded reason.

In any event, check out this trailer for the new dvds.
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