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with the windows down as this is guiding you home

I had a pretty good weekend. Last week and spending so much time thinking about my mom hit me harder than I realized it would I think. Memories are good and they are difficult at times also. So to distract me from dwelling I threw myself into planning a birthday party for Jed and listening to some new music, including Modernage (see entry below), the new Fisherspooner album, "Odyssey", and brits Maximo Park. Of course I have good things to say about all of these things, but I will save them for later.

Tonight I'm watching the Oscars, like most people, and I don't really have anything to offer because I haven't seen even half of the nominate movies. I will say that Cate Blanchett is gorgeous and I like award shows that have good hosts (especially if they have hosts at all, which seems to be kind of rare now) and Chris Rock is just that. And I'm glad there aren't as many hobbits involved this year. And thank god Charlie Kauffman finally won an Oscar.

In other good news, Morning Theft got a spot playing SXSW this year, which completely rules and makes me really happy. Hopefully the lucky people attending this years conference will take notice.


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