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the skinny this saturday... i'm djing with jenny lewis!

okay.. actually just me.

174 orchard between stanton and houston
this saturday @ the skinny
10-4 or 5 am
cheap drinks
fun tunes

etc. etc.
come hang out with me

oh and i went to the Plug awards last night and left after about half an hour or so and had no idea what was going on while I was there so I have nothing that exciting to report. (Brooklyn Vegan has covered like every five seconds of what went on there today if you're curious -- that's why he was nominated and I was not obviously! It's too bad that he lost to Myspace, though Myspace IS taking over the world, kind of like Pinky and the Brain....okay what was I even talking about...) My apologies to the lovely person who put me on the guest list... Here's what was in the gift bags as reported to me by Shawn who stuck around:

Shawn: a whole box of emergen-c
Nora: ew
Shawn: umm
Shawn: some vinyl
Shawn: some magazine about silkscreening
Shawn: sub pop sampler
Shawn: myspace hat
Shawn: some other samplers
Shawn: living things
Shawn: sampler
Shawn: some other stuff
Shawn: it was really all about the giant box of emergen-c

(thrilling huh?)

My boss is going to the Grammy Awards next week and I'm pretty sure the gift bags for that will be way more exciting

I also ran into the band Modernage last night and encourage you to come to their show @ Pianos tonight. 10:30.

And finally, my girl Melissa says the Smashing Pumpkins reunion is ON. Possibly for Lollapalooza if that even happens this year. Thanks to my future husband Rob Holmes for this info...

keeping it local (well almost)

i'll be as gentle on you as baby shampoo