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i'll be as gentle on you as baby shampoo

Okay... since I don't really know what to talk about this week and I haven't been into either of the last two bands I saw enough to write indepth entries about them... let me pose a question here.

When I was home in Chicago for the holidays, Q101 did this "13 years in 13 days" thing where they played the top 101 songs for every year starting when the station launched in 1993. Obviously this was crazy awesome for the nostalgia factor (until you got to the late 90s and things really started to suck... you know, when Sugar Ray had the number one song in whatever year... depressing).

Anyways, there was this one song back in the 90s that was a HUGE radio hit (at least in Chicago) called "Tangerine Speedo" by the band Caviar. It was a ridiculous song... about a tangerine colored swimsuit I guess, and yet everyone in Chicago seemed to fucking love it. And I never would have remembered it if not for the "13 years in 13 days thing" and now I have subjected my intern to it for the past three or four hours.

Caviar - Tangerine Speedo

Anyone else remember this song?

the skinny this saturday... i'm djing with jenny lewis!