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assorted things i'm listening to lately (a semi after the jump recap i guess)

I'm not very good at blogging lately, but I have been going out and seeing lots and lots of bands. Thanks to the L train taking hours to get me home and my hectic schedule at my day job, I just rarely have time to recap everything, and I generally dislike just throwing up links to mp3s up with little to no editorial on my part (even though usually my "editorials" just involve my using various synonyms for the word awesome and lots of exclamation points). You love my silly editorials! Right? Awesome!

Okay, Let me see what I can piece together here:

The Bloodsugars are a Brooklyn band I've been meaning to write about for a while now. Their infectious indie "dance dance" tunes totally makes me think they were born to be tour mates with bands like my super faves Liam & Me, who share the "I Heart 80's synth pop" mindset. You could totes do some serious voguing to some of their songs.

OMG SIDENOTE, I completely forgot to mention that Liam & Me were supposed to open for BOY GEORGE on his tour, before his visa was revoked. Crazy, no?

I got to check the Bloodsugars out live when they performed at After The Jump fest, and was happy to discover that their catchy songs are even more fun when translated into a live performance.

The band has an 6 song EP out now, cleverly titled "BQEP" (get it?). Check out the video for the lead track right over here where it was featured on RCRD LBL - it features lots of doodles and really nice cheekbones...

The Bloodsugars - Cinderella

Catch the band at Pianos next Friday, July 18th and buy BQEP on iTunes.

Another After The Jump highlight that I need to mention is the group Lizzy Trullie and the Fibs. A friend described them as falling on the "fashion-y side of the spectrum" which I really can't argue with at all, as there's something very european and classic about Lizzy's effortlessly cool "look." Their sound for me is a bit hard to describe, but I haven't been able to stop listening to this track on repeat for weeks. Love it.

Lizzy Trullie - Self Taught Learner

So much more I want to write about, but don't have any more time right now. Stay tuned.....

my mercury is in gamma ray

My Drive Thru - the video